Laundry Nuggets

Do I have to open the nugget before putting it into the wash?

A. No. The laundry nugget comes in a biodegradable wrap that dissolves in any temperature water.

What if my Nugget does not dissolve completely in the drawer of my HE Machine?

A. Nellie suggests placing the Nugget in the drum of the washer with the fabrics.  This will not hurt the fabrics or the machine

What if my Nuggets are hard and/or broken?

A.  When Nuggets travel through extreme cold they condense and harden and sometimes split.  If the Nugget is hard, roll it in your fingers to soften and then toss in the drum of the washer.  If the Nugget has split, please discard the casing and feel free to use a 1 tablespoon measurment of the loose powder.  If there are multiple broken Nuggets, please contact customer service at