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Are Nellie's Dryerballs non-toxic and allergy-free?

A.  Unlike fabric softeners Nellie's™ Dryerballs™ are completely non-toxic and allergy free!  They are made of PVC/TPR plastic which can withstand very high temperatures. This is the same plastic that your hot water pipes are made from in your house.

A study from Anderson Laboratories gives a clue as to why fabric softeners have become a bee in the bonnets. Here are the details: Anderson Laboratories chemical analysis of the airborne emissions of five different kinds of commonly available fabric softeners was reported in the May, 2000 issue of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Their study revealed that the fabric softeners emitted toluene, styrene, phenol, thymol, xylene, and trimethylbenzene, among other chemicals, many of which cause acute respiratory tract irritations and inflammation. Fabric softener chemicals are made to stay in cloths fibers and slowly release for a very long time. That slow release of chemicals into the air affects the health of those wearing the clothes and people around them.

Babies, children, older people, and people who are already sick are especially hurt by these chemicals. Damage can be permanent, causing longtime illness. Babies often react with rashes, frequent crying and/or diarrhea. Disinfectants can have the same effects. Experts suggest a possible connection between Sudden Infant Death (crib death) and the use of these products for washing babies' clothes and crib sheets and blankets.

Some symptoms caused by fabric softener fumes are: tiredness that is not cured by resting, difficulty breathing, and nervousness for no known reason, difficulty concentrating and remembering, dizziness, headaches, sick stomach, feeling faint, rashes and/or difficulty controlling body movements. For more information, please visit

Get Rid of Fabric Softeners! Fabric softeners leave an oil coating on clothes, which don't make them softer or fluffy. The oil builds up on the fibers and takes the absorbency out (oil repels water). In the dryer, fabric softener leaves a sticky residue on all the components like the moisture sensors and drum of the dryer. They plug it up and the residue is very flammable (#1 cause of house fires is in the dryer). It tells you right on the back of some fabric softeners not to use on towels, terrycloth or fleece because it's highly flammable. Fabric softeners take the fire retardant out of baby's clothes. Two boxes of brand name fabric softeners are $20. People waste hundreds of dollars on fabric softeners in a year's time.

Clean and Soften Fabrics Naturally. Nellie's™ All-Natural Laundry Soda is hypoallergenic - perfect for baby clothes and sensitive skin. It cleans all the way to the fiber, rinses thoroughly and it leaves no residue. The little tips on Nellie's™ Dryerballs retain the heat and massage the fibers in the clothes opening them up and making them soft and fluffy without the use of chemicals. Dryerballs can be used on any fabrics - your delicates, your jeans, towels, bedding, etc.